Collection of work
from 2014

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Israel tourism branding

Design by Open


Design by Oren Fait


Creates business experiences to empower success during exhibitions

Design by Atea Group

Unity Prize

The Jerusalem unity prize

Design by Gal Oren BSD


A comprehensive solution for managing pension, pay and attendance

Design by Dvivo Design

Schulich Leader Scholarships

Canada's most coveted undergraduate STEM scholarships

Design by Say brand

Red Bend Software

World's leading provider of the most advanced OTA solutions

Design by Designit


Manufacture innovative and quality products

Design by Designit


Supplier of computer networking products

Design by Atea Group

Israel Hayom

National Hebrew-language free daily newspaper

Design by Design Factory

IDE Technologies

Water desalination company


Health insurance

Design by Designit

Glove APP

Detect best mobile carrier for you

Dr. Yarden Goldstein

Dental doctor

Design by Frisbee Branding


Modi'in Region Economic & Development Corporation

Design by Pinka Studio


Mobile usage big data inspection

CS CommonSense

Women HealthCare diagnostic products

Design by Frisbee Branding

Area One

Online marketing management platform