Projects for events and tourism organizations



An auction of promising young showjumpers

Design by Inbar Edut

Gan Eden

Gan Eden

An unique events venue

Design by ME Design


Tourist attractions in the city of Tiberias

Design by Say brand


Culinary events

Perla & Josef

Boutique catering

Design by ME Design

The Zone Club

Musicians club in Tel-Aviv

Design by Studio Teller

Midreshet Hadarom

A tour and study center that specializes in organizing and guiding trips

Design by Frisbee Branding

Tlalim Group

Pioneer in the organized tourism market

Design by Atea Group

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Israel tourism branding

Design by Open

A Jerusalem experience

Tours with a garage value in the Old City of Jerusalem

Masa Tlalim

Russian-speaking incoming tourism to Israel

Design by Atea Group

Side Roads

Tourism blog

Design by Say brand

Beit Hafakot

Productions company

Party NOW

Parties portal

Design by Ariel Safronov

Midreshet Beit-Shemesh

Educational programs