If you were a pixel, you’d want to be in our hands.

Precise, reliable and
on-time, every time.

Established in 2005, we develop tailor-made websites and web applications. With over 500 projects successfully delivered over the last 16 years, we have the experience and know-how to execute your project in a precise, responsive and flexible manner.

Though technology is our passion, our brains think in pixels rather than binary bits. We’re all about pixel-perfect design and great user experiences – which is why any pixel we come across gets world-class treatment. It’s also why most of our clients are top-tier design studios – like us, they obsess over every last pixel.

With expertise in a wide range of front-end and back-end technologies, we always match the solution to the client and not the other way around. We mostly use open source platforms like WordPress, but we also have extensive experience with other technologies. That let’s us stitch your suit uniquely to your measurements.

In short, we’re a natural partner if you’re looking to complement creative capabilities with on-time design-sensitive execution.



Having developed over 500 projects, we’ve got extensive experience in creating sites of all kinds, from little one-pagers to giant websites for international companies. We work quickly, we meet deadlines and we stay within budgets.

We’re seasoned experts that create complex and flexible interfaces that respect the original design. We offer great user experiences, with rich animations and parallaxes (within the bounds of good taste, of course). We give high priority to efficient coding that’s also highly scalable, blazingly fast, optimized for search engine crawling, accessible for the disabled, compatible with modern browsers and mobile-friendly.


At the back-end we use WordPress, a world-leading open-source content management system that holds about 70% of the CMS international market in the palm of its hand. The fact that we know the system inside out lets us fully adapt it to each design, project and requirement. In the end, our clients get a user-friendly system that’s customized to their needs (as opposed to the ready-made WordPress solutions out there) while still enjoying routine formal upgrades from WordPress.

We have tons of experience with front-end technologies. On one hand, we focus on pixel-perfect execution with great user experiences and fulfill the designer’s vision for each project, using cutting-edge technologies for animations and parallax effects. Sit back and take a look:


The Blade Unibar

Long before the world heard of the word parallax, we've build amazing one-pager for kiteboarding company, to reflect to layers and quality of their product


Miki Mottes

We cannot argue, we did a lot of parallax and animations website but somehow this one catches everyone's eyes. Enjoy!

On the other hand, we help organizations and startups jumpstart their user-facing platforms by building initial user interfaces for web and mobile-web applications. We do agile development work with their teams, using a variety of technologies and frameworks. To learn more check out these projects:


Front-end development of complex UI for synthetic data generating tool, from HTML and CSS with full animations and interactions, to data and API implementations with Vue.js and VueX.


Front-end prototype of Cisco Prime Network - network management solution for service providers. Project included working with UI team, testing different UI designs and methods according to the users feedback.


Front-end development of analysis app, to the world's leader drugs company. Project included working with UI and back-end teams, assembling a complex UI design.

Bank Hapoalim

Front-end development of different web pages, prototypes and usability testing, of both web and mobile web applications, to the largest Israeli bank.

Panoramic Power

Front-end development for a web app (on Sencha ExtJS), showing electrical energy consumption analytics and live charts. Project included working with back-end team and implementing real data.


Front-end development from scratch to launch of Salesforce integrated app, collecting relevant leads from LinkedIn. Project included working with UI and back-end team and implementing real data.

We’ve developed countless ecommerce systems. From off-the-shelf solutions like Woocommerce for retail stores, to websites that incorporate custom purchasing processes such as fundraising, crowdfunding and billing systems.



Development of e-commerce retail store with WooCommerce



It may look innocent, but TebGav hide full fund-raising mechanism behind it, all fully custom development on top of WordPress, including payments, gift cards, multiple currencies and a lot more

We have a special knack for combining design and technology and have partnered with over 50 design studios to help bring their designers’ and clients’ vision for each project to life.

Guy Haviv

Guy Haviv Executive Design Director

“We've worked with entry extensively, on a variety of websites & web apps development projects, and almost from day one, it was obvious that they were invaluable members of our team.“

Yishay Cohen VP UX

“Eli is a great partner to work with. His meticulous approach while being super patient played a key role in launching a successful project. He and his crew are as reliable as they are professional and punctilious, which is crucial for complex projects.“
Eitan Chtayat

Eitan Chitayat Founder and creative director

“One of the top developers we have the good fortune to work with, Eli isn’t only a partner but plays a key role in our Natie Branding Agency family. He is thorough, reliable, and simply a pleasure to work with side-by-side, day-in and day-out.“
Michal Angel

Michal Angel Senior UX designer at Salesforce

“Eli is one of the most brilliant programmers I came across. It's rare to find a programmer who truly understand the value of design. His work is always flawless, with attention to the most specific details.“
Adi Chalfan

Adi Chalfan Founder & CEO

“Entry is responsible to all of the programing aspects of our projects, they are true partners from planning to execution. Eli is not only a rare pixel perfect developer; he also learns and open to new innovative solutions.“
Inbar Edut

Inbar Edut UX Expert & Creative Leader

“I had the exclusive luck and pleasure of working with Entry on several premium projects. Working with Eli was a truly amazing experience from several aspects. Eli is a real pro, with all the knowledge and talent a developer needs, and above all of this, he always challenges himself to learn more and by that upgrading the outcome. The level he delivers is definitely the highest I have ever met! But most importantly he has a heart of gold and he's a soul player. I hope we will continue to collaborate in the future!“

Ori Perez Partner, Products design lead

“Eli is among the top developers we had the pleasure of working with. His attention to fine details and open-minded, out of the box approach makes him and his team our go-to-guys for any development task at hand.“

Sigal Teller Creative Director

“It is not easy to find a developer that can deliver high quality code while maintaining the quality of the design. Eli is a truly great and professional developer that easily manages to deliver both along with attention to every detail.“
Miki Mottes

Miki Mottes Illustrator and Animator

“Eli is one the best developers I ever got to work with. His patience, attention to details and perfectionism were a huge part of the success of my project, and I can’t wait to work with him again!“

Anya Borokhovich UX Expert & Researcher

“I had a great great pleasure to work with Eli on a number of different digital projects. Eli brought his passion, responsibility, experience and enthusiasm to the work, always open minded, super punctual and dedicated. The level of Eli's responsibility and dedication to work is something that I've never met before - if you try it once, you can never go back! I confidently can say, that Eli can bring any development project to its highest level from all perspectives!“

We don’t like to part with our clients, even after development work is complete. So we offer hosting and maintenance services. That allows us to stay on top of every website for the long run, so we can maintain its stability and health.

Our hosting solutions include shared hosting for medium and small projects on our private servers located in Bezeq’s secure datacenter, as well as assembling and managing virtual private servers at Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and others, so we can tailor the right solution for each client.


Our maintenance service offers a variety of plans designed to help our clients keep their online assets infrastructure secure and up-to-date. The service includes daily backups, monitoring, speed tests and security checks, as well as monthly website care reports that summarize activity and usage statistics.

Community is so important to us. That’s why Entry is involved in a number of community and pro-bono projects, some of which are maintained on a daily basis, with roughly half-a-million monthly visits combined.



WeCode is an innovative academic-vocational coding program for underprivileged young adults who want to become professional programmers.



A joint venture of Daphni Leaf, A Brilliant Company and entry, AlefBet is the major volunteer search engine in Israel.



Since 2002, webmaster.org.il educates young web developers in their firsts steps in the industry.



A collection of Jewish websites with more than 500,000 monthly visits combined