Projects for educational institutions


National program by ministry of education to promote young entrepreneurs


Innovative academic-vocational coding program for underprivileged

Matan Institute

Women's Institute for Torah Studies

Midreshet Lindenbaum

Learning program

I Class

Switching to digital learning

TALI Education Fund

Pluralistic in-school program

Design by Studio Karamel

Alma Hebrew Collage

Home for Hebrew Culture

Design by Dov Avramson

TALI Research Institute

Jewish studies research institute

Design by Studio Karamel

Merkaz Herzog

Jewish studies center

Design by Dov Avramson

Yeshivat Hamivtar

Promote Jewish learning in a thoughtful, sensitive way

Design by Keshet Media

Atid by Gesher

In-school program

The Schechter Institutes

Israeli educational organization

Design by Studio Karamel

Lev Ladaat

A program that aims to encourage meaningful teaching

Design by Dov Avramson

Wizo Hadassim

Children's Village


Learning and cultural center

Yahad Midiin

An educational-community association that advocates education and community life together


Daf-yomi learning portal

Midreshet Amiad

To deepen the values of Jewish identity among youth


In-school teaching program


Foster families' organization

Kesher B7

Educational center for hard of hearing and deaf students


A program that aims to influence and improve the qualities of listening and speaking

Design by Studio Shlomit Sabag

Midreshet Darkaynu

Educational programs

Design by Ariel Safronov

Reut Jerusalem School


Design by Studio Bahir


Leads the vision of living together between religious and seculars in Israeli society

Yeshivat Makor Haim

Student-centered learning environment

Design by Studio Shlomit Sabag

Eretz Hemdah

Institute for advanced Jewish studies

Design by Ariel Safronov

Beit Orot

Jewish Yeshiva at the Mount of Olives

Design by Ariel Safronov


Building bridges between societies