Collection of work
from 2011

Masa Tlalim

Russian-speaking incoming tourism to Israel

Design by Atea Group

A Jerusalem experience

Tours with a garage value in the Old City of Jerusalem

TALI Research Institute

Jewish studies research institute

Design by Studio Karamel


Personalized video experience platform

Design by Designit


Stock traders

Design by Ariel Safronov

Soda Clean

Cleaning systems using soda spray

Design by Oren Fait

Raw Edges

London-based interior and product design studio

SAE Nevis


Design by Pinka Studio

The Company for development of the Jewish Quarter

Peled Wood

Wood works

Design by Frisbee Branding


Sustainable agriculture

Design by Say brand

NEOi Group

Mobile marketers

Noya Care

Beauty products

Design by Oren Fait


Mobile web analytics company owned by Facebook

Merkaz Herzog

Jewish studies center

Design by Dov Avramson

Lior Har Lev

Design by Dvivo Design

Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

Research statistical data on all aspects of Israeli life

Design by Mali Crispey

Legal Risk

Law office

Design by Oren Fait

IQU Group

Bridge between games and players

Design by Designit


Television technology

Design by Designit


Luxury jewelry brand

Design by Charles Bitton

Green Map

Discover the green side of Jerusalem

Design by Studio Karamel

Hebron Council

Religious services for council residents

Design by Dov Avramson

Yeshivat Hamivtar

Promote Jewish learning in a thoughtful, sensitive way

Design by Keshet Media

Force Major

Cyber security investigations

Design by Oren Fait

Christopher Farr Cloth

High quality handmade rugs

Clinical DBR

Health data research

Design by Designit

Atid by Gesher

In-school program


Leads management app

Design by Mali Crispey

Abir Yaakov

Lending medical equipment

Design by Say brand