Entry celebrates 16! And lunches new branding and website

We are super excited to launch today the new entry. branding and website! The branding and design process was entrusted to our colleagues at Designit, who attached a winning team to us: Guy Haviv, Ortal Birka and Yan Hachmon.

Embarrassing to admit, but this is actually the first time we are going through such an orderly process for ourselves. In the process we learned a lot of things about ourselves, after we had to fulfill a lot of Sisyphean tasks assigned to us the fellows at Designit, such as collecting a list of customers since ever, not an easy task in a world where an average site lasts about 5 years, especially in Startup Nation where we finish building a website for the company, a few months later it makes an exit and closes the website 🙂

But more than that it was fascinating to go through the process from a customer’s point of view, there is no doubt that the interaction with the designer changes when we are also the end customer this time, and sees things from another angle. Also the stage of collecting materials, writing, feeding to the website, all of these were new to us… Suddenly the development stage became just a small part of the whole process!

Over the years, our branding has undergone significant evolution, some say even hard to digest 🙂

The first logo was designed for us by Atea Media Studio, which even 16 years later we are still working together and launched a few weeks ago a new website for the EverC startup that even raised a significant amount recently (but this for a separate post). The 2011 logo, that accompanied us for the last decade, we made “at home”.

That it… 2021 here we come!