Collection of work
from 2021

Smart Group

Your smart way to hi-tech

Design by Norbert


Come to learn somthing new

Design by Firma

Schulich Leaders 10 Years

Celebrating 10 Years of Schulich Leaders

Design by Toolbox Digital Media

Gav-Yam Matam

Leading high-tech and business park in Israel

Design by Toolbox Digital Media

Elron Ventures

Helps companies with big ideas become global leaders

Branding and Design by Natie Branding Agency


The future of preventive medicine, on smart autopilot

Design by Irina Krasnopolsky


Frictionless checkout for grocery stores

Design by CAPRI

Itai Pinki

Stand-up magic

Design by Oren Fait


Real Estate investments

Design by Norbert


Next-Gen of Biotherapies

Design by A Brilliant Company


Reshaping real estate investments

Design by Toolbox Digital Media

Azorim Living

Long term rental

Design by Toolbox Digital Media

Studio Elefant

Experience production company

Impact NRS

Creates and commercialize transformative solutions

Design by Toolbox Digital Media

Menomadin Group

Impact investments

Design by Designit

Glilot Capital

Venture capital

Design by Mondeo


Manufacturer of metrology and inspection equipment

Design by Rachel Sagav-Tal