Collection of work
from 2010

Spreads App

News reader for iPad

Design by Guy Haviv

The Schechter Institutes

Israeli educational organization

Design by Studio Karamel

Gal Padani

Jewlary designer

Design by Oren Fait

Igud HaTalmud

The Society for the Interpretation of the Talmud

Design by Ariel Safronov

Postal Guard

Secured emails solutions

Design by Pinka Studio

TP Architects

Tamar Puzis architects

Design by Designit

Afcon Holdings Group

Construction engineering company

Anat Shai

Artists agency

Apos Therapy

Knee and back pain solutions

Design by Designit

Bar Zvi & Ben Dov

Law office

Design by Designit

Israel Broadcast Authority

Operates state television and radio


Mobile ad exchange

Design by Designit


Venture capital

Design by Designit

Israel Elwyn

Serves children and adults with disabilities

Design by Designit

Keratin Complex

Helps achieve stronger, healthier hair

Design by Designit


B2B Customer Data Platform

Design by Designit

Lev Ladaat

A program that aims to encourage meaningful teaching

Design by Dov Avramson

Vilonot Shir

Produces curtains with a personal design

Design by Ariel Safronov

nascent group

Design studio

Design by Designit

Yoram Bar-Sela

Marketing Communications expert

Design by Frisbee Branding

Oded Binnun


Design by Fade Rudintzky


Email software solutions

Design by Pinka Studio

Reshet Kehilot

Roof organization for a network of communities

Design by Ariel Safronov

Side Roads

Tourism blog

Design by Say brand

Transfer Pricing

One stop resource for all transfer pricing related services and information

Design by Designit


Germany’s leading VFX studios

Design by Designit

Studio Shlomit Sabag


Gaya Oil

Oil industry


Ammonia & hydrogen fuel cell energy solutions

Park Kolnoa

Educational-entertainment project

Design by Atea Group