New Projects

• New Website for Redbend
• New responsive website for Compugen, a drug discovery company. Developed forDesign Factory
• New Website for Pitango. Developed forDesign Factory

Who we are

A web development house specializes in creating custom-made websites and web applications, in a very clean, fast and precise way, while using modern tools and innovative technologies.

We offer technical-specs writings, design – by our partners, development and hosting, for for a variety of clients and industries.

We match the solution to the client, not the client to the solution…


Our solutions are based on Wordpress or ipCMS - both user-friendly Content Management System, includes full customization.

Front-End Services

We have long and rich experience with front-end technologies, in both complex websites with parallax effects and animations, and in web & mobile-web applications.


We write pixel-perfect layouts and experiential user interfaces. This is why about 70% of our business is outsourcing for design studios, which naturally can't compromise on even one overlooked pixel.


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